Wisdom Protected Adam
1 Wisdom protected the father of the world, the first man that was ever formed, when he alone had been created. She saved him from his own sinful act 2 and gave him the strength to master everything on earth.
Cain Abandoned Wisdom
3 But there was an unrighteous man who abandoned Wisdom; he destroyed himself by killing his brother in a fit of anger.
Wisdom Protected Noah
4 Because of that sin, the earth was flooded, but Wisdom saved it again. She guided a righteous man in his flimsy wooden boat.
Wisdom Helped Abraham
5 Once when the nations were frustrated in their wicked plans, Wisdom recognized a righteous man and kept him innocent in God's sight. She gave him strength to obey God's command in spite of his love for his son.
Wisdom Rescued Lot
6 Wisdom rescued a righteous man while ungodly people were dying. He escaped the flames that destroyed the Five Cities. 7 You can still see the evidence of their wickedness. The land there is barren and smoking. The plants bear fruit that never ripens, and a pillar of salt stands as a monument to one who did not believe. 8 The people of those cities ignored Wisdom and could not tell right from wrong. Not only that, but the remains of their cities still remind us of the foolish way they lived, so that their failure can never be forgotten. 9 But Wisdom rescued her servants from the danger.
Wisdom Protected Jacob
10 A righteous man once had to escape from his brother's anger, and Wisdom guided him in the right way. She showed him God's kingdom and allowed him to know about holy things. She made him prosperous and successful in his work. 11 When others were greedy for what he had, and wanted to take it away from him, Wisdom stood by him and made him rich. 12 She protected him from his enemies who were waiting for a chance to attack him. She gave him victory in a hard fight, so that he might realize that nothing can make a person stronger than serving God.
Wisdom Rescued Joseph
13 Once a righteous man was sold into slavery, but Wisdom did not abandon him. She kept him safe from sin. She went to prison with him 14 and never left him until she had given him power over an empire and made him the ruler of people who had once oppressed him. She let it be known that a false accusation had been made against him, and she gave him eternal honor.
Wisdom Led the Israelites Out of Egypt
15 Wisdom once rescued an innocent and holy people from a nation of oppressors. 16 She entered the soul of one of God's servants and stood up to dreaded kings by performing miracles. 17 She rewarded God's people for their hardships. She guided them along a miraculous journey. She gave them shade during the day and brilliant starlight at night. 18 She led them through the deep waters of the Red Sea, 19 but she drowned their enemies and washed their bodies up on the shore. 20 And so the righteous looted the ungodly. They sang hymns to your holy name, O Lord; together they praised you for defending them. 21 Wisdom gave speech to those who could not speak; she even caused babies to speak clearly.