Tobit and Anna Are Worried
1 Meanwhile, every day Tobit was keeping count of the time needed to travel to Rages and back. When the time was up and his son had not returned, Tobit said to his wife, 2 “What can be keeping him? Do you suppose Gabael has died? Maybe there is no one to give him the money.” 3 Tobit was very worried.
4 Then Anna said, “My son is dead. I'm sure of it.” She began to weep and to mourn for Tobias, 5 “Oh, my son, the joy of my life, why did I ever let you leave home?”
6 Tobit tried to comfort her. “Calm down, my dear,” he said. “Don't worry. He will be all right. Something unexpected is probably keeping them there longer than we counted on. Besides, his companion is a reliable man and a relative at that. Don't let yourself get so upset over him, dear. I'm sure he is already on his way home.”
7 But she replied, “Be quiet and leave me alone! Don't try to fool me. My son is dead.” Each day she would rush out of the house to the road which Tobias had taken and would watch for him until sunset. She would let no one comfort her, and when she returned home she would weep and mourn for her son all night long, without sleeping.
Departure from Ecbatana
The two-week wedding feast which Raguel had promised to hold for his daughter Sarah came to an end. So Tobias went to him and asked, “Please let me go home now. I'm certain my parents have given up all hope of ever seeing me again. Please, Raguel, let me go home to my father. I have already told you the condition he was in when I left.”
8 But Raguel answered, “Stay, my son. Stay here with me. I will send messengers to your father to tell him that you are all right.”
9 But Tobias insisted, “No, I can't! Please let me go back to my father.”
10 So Raguel gave Tobias his bride Sarah without further delay. He also gave Tobias half of everything he owned: slaves, cattle, sheep, donkeys, camels, clothes, money, and furniture. 11 Raguel embraced Tobias and sent them on their way with his blessing, “Good-bye, my son. Have a safe journey. May the Lord of heaven protect you and Sarah. And may I live to see your children.” 12 Raguel then said to Sarah, “Go with your husband and live in his parents' house. From now on they are as much your parents as your own mother and I are. Let me hear only good things about you as long as I live.” After saying good-bye he sent them on their way.
Then Edna said to Tobias, “Tobias my dear child, may the Lord bring you safely home. And may he let me live to see your children. The Lord is my witness; I am placing my daughter in your care. Never, at any time in your life, do anything that would break her heart. Have a safe journey, Tobias. From now on, Sarah is your wife and I am your mother. May we all prosper as long as we live.” Then Edna kissed them both and sent them safely on their way.