A Song of Thanksgiving
1 I give you thanks, O Lord and King;
I praise you as my God and Savior.
I give you thanks,
2 for you have helped me and protected me.
You have rescued me from death,
from dangerous lies and slander.
3 You helped me when no one else would;
in your great mercy you saved me
from the many troubles I have known:
from the glaring hatred of my enemies,
who wanted to put an end to my life;
4 from suffocation in oppressive smoke
rising from fires that I did not light;
5 from death itself;
from vicious slander reported to the king.
6 I was once brought face-to-face with death;
7 enemies surrounded me everywhere.
I looked for someone to help me,
but there was no one there.
8 But then, O Lord, I remembered how merciful you are
and what you had done in times past.
I remembered that you rescue those who rely on you,
that you save them from their enemies.
9 Then from here on earth I prayed to you
to rescue me from death.
10 I prayed, “O Lord, you are my father;
do not abandon me to my troubles
when I am helpless against arrogant enemies.
11 I will always praise you
and sing hymns of thanksgiving.”
You answered my prayer,
12 and saved me from the threat of destruction.
And so I thank you and praise you.
O Lord, I praise you!
The Search for Wisdom
13 When I was still young, before I started out on my travels, I boldly prayed for Wisdom. 14 I went to the Temple and asked for her, and I will look for her as long as I live. 15 From my blossoming youth to my ripe old age she has been my delight. I have followed directly in her path ever since I was young. 16 I received Wisdom as soon as I began listening for her, and I have been rewarded with great knowledge. 17 I have always been a learner and am grateful to everyone who has been my teacher. 18 I was determined to live wisely and was devoted to the cause of goodness. I have no regrets. 19 I fought for Wisdom and was strict in my conduct. When I prayed, I sadly confessed how far short of Wisdom I fell. 20 But I was determined to have her, and I found her by keeping myself free from sin. I have grown in Wisdom since first I found her, and I will never be without her. 21 Because I was driven by the desire to find her, I have been richly rewarded. 22 The Lord gave me a gift for words, and I have used it in his praise.
23 Come to me, all you that need instruction, and learn in my school. 24 Why do you admit that you are ignorant and do nothing about it? 25 Here is what I say: It costs nothing to be wise. 26 Put on the yoke, and be willing to learn. The opportunity is always near. 27 See for yourselves! I have really not studied very hard, but I have found great contentment. 28 No matter how much it costs you to get Wisdom, it will be well worth it. 29 Be joyfully grateful for the Lord's mercy, and never be ashamed to praise him. 30 Do your duty at the proper time, and the Lord, at the time he thinks proper, will give you your reward.