1 The memory of Josiah is as sweet as the fragrance of expertly blended incense, sweet as honey to the taste, like music with wine at a banquet. 2 He followed the correct policy of reforming the nation and removed the horrors of idolatry. 3 He was completely loyal to the Lord and strengthened true religion in those wicked times.
4 All the kings, except David, Hezekiah, and Josiah, were terrible sinners, because they abandoned the Law of the Most High to the very end of the kingdom. 5 They surrendered their power and honor to foreigners, 6 who set fire to the holy city and left its streets deserted, just as Jeremiah had predicted. 7 Jeremiah had been badly treated, even though he was chosen as a prophet before he was born, “to uproot and to pull down, to destroy and to overthrow,” but also “to build and to plant.”
8 It was Ezekiel who was shown the vision of the divine glory over the chariot and the living creatures. 9 He also referred to the prophet Job, who always did the right thing.
The Twelve Prophets
10 May the bones of the twelve prophets rise to new life, because these men encouraged the people of Israel and saved them with confident hope.
Zerubbabel and Joshua
11 How can we praise Zerubbabel? He was like a signet ring on the Lord's right hand, 12 as was Joshua son of Jehozadak. They rebuilt the Lord's holy Temple, destined for eternal fame.
13 The memory of Nehemiah is also great. He rebuilt the ruined walls of Jerusalem, installing the gates and bars. He rebuilt our homes.
The Patriarchs
14 No one else like Enoch has ever walked the face of the earth, for he was taken up from the earth. 15 No one else like Joseph has ever been born; even his bones were honored. 16 Shem, Seth, and Enosh were highly honored, but Adam's glory was above that of any other living being.