Bringing up Children
1 A father who loves his son will whip him often, so that he can be proud of him later. 2 If a son is disciplined, he will be of some use, and his father can boast of him to his friends. 3 Anyone who gives good guidance to his son cannot only take pride in him among his friends, but he can make his enemies jealous. 4-5 While the father is alive, the sight of his son makes him happy, and when he dies, he has no regrets. He is not really dead, because his son is like him. 6 He has left someone to take vengeance on his enemies and to return the favors he owes his friends.
7 But anyone who spoils his son will have to bandage his wounds. His heart will stop every time he hears a shout. 8 An untamed horse is going to be stubborn, and an undisciplined son is no different. 9 If you pamper your child and play with him, he will be a disappointment and a source of grief. 10 Laugh with him now, and one day you will have to cry over him, grinding your teeth in regret. 11 Don't give him freedom while he is young, and don't overlook what he does wrong. 12 Whip him while he is still a child, and make him respect your authority. If you don't, he will be stubborn and disobedient and cause you nothing but sorrow. 13 So discipline your son and give him work to do, or else he will be an embarrassment to you.
14 It is better to be poor, but strong and healthy, than to be rich, but in poor health. 15 A sound, healthy body and a cheerful attitude are more valuable than gold and jewels. 16 Nothing can make you richer or give you greater happiness than those two things. 17 It would be better to be dead, asleep forever, than to live in the misery of chronic illness. 18 The finest food means nothing if you are too sick to eat it; it might as well be offered to an idol. 19 But there is no point in offering food to an idol; it can't eat it or smell it. It is just the same with someone whom the Lord has afflicted. 20 He looks at his food and sighs, like a castrated man hugging a young woman.
Cheerfulness and Sadness
21 Don't deliberately torture yourself by giving in to depression. 22 Happiness makes for a long life and makes it worth living. 23 Enjoy yourself and be happy; don't worry all the time. Worry never did anybody any good, and it has destroyed many people. 24 It will make you old before your time. Jealousy and anger will shorten your life. 25 A cheerful person with a good attitude will have a good appetite and enjoy his food.